Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Pokemon Buffet

I've realized recently an important truth. I need to be patient and appreciate things for what they are instead of wanting to have it all especially when it comes to friendship.

I used to think, and sometimes I fall in to the trap, of treating friendship like Pokemon, with a "gotta catch 'em all" mentality. Over the past weeks I realized that I need to appreciate the friends I have and care for them instead of trying to collect more. 

Along those same lines, I'm reminded of a principle one of my counselors taught me regarding the difference between American Buffet and French Cuisine. 

Americans have the tendency to eat until they are stuffed

The French, on the other hand, treat food as an experience and seek to relish each bite. They appreciate the experience rather than trying to just alleviate hunger

I realized that I need to treat friendships the same way, especially in the way I approach friendships with other men. Instead of viewing friend-boys as "fresh meat" and trying to get all of my needs met, I think a much more balanced and healthy approach is to appreciate friendship for what it is, enjoying the experience of friendship instead of metaphorically stuffing my face full in an attempt to satisfy all of MY needs and desires.  

More often than not, I think joy is found in the journey. Today I choose to treat friendship as the treasure it is, instead of like a Pokemon Buffet. 

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