Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our Role as SSA Mormons

One way that I believe Same Sex Attraction is a blessing for Latter-day Saints is that those of us that experience it, in my opinion, are the best suited to understand what real brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ is.
While we are far more than just our sexuality, I think our united experience of SSA and a desire to remain faithful to covenants enables us to understand one another and relate with each other in ways that other men & women can't. I truly believe that we have an important part to play in the Church and in the world at large, showing others that it is possible to be a Child of God, a faithful Christian, an active and worthy Mormon, and gay. Showing others that sexuality and/or often misunderstood experiences don't define a person, but divine nature and potential does. Showing others that the DOCTRINE of the Restored Gospel has a place for ALL of God's children.

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