Thursday, December 11, 2014

Addiction is Modern Day Idolatry

The addiction cycle always begins by "Wanting Relief from the Discomforts of Life." When these discomforts come, I have a choice: to seek relief in addiction, or to seek relief in the Atonement.

I believe addiction is a modern form of idolatry. We don't have idols of gold or stone to worship, but we do have pornography, drugs, alcohol, and countless other addictions that stand today as modern-day idols.

Both the idols of addiction and the God of Heaven ask us to give our time, talents, and everything that we have been blessed with to the building up of their respective kingdoms. The idols of addiction use our consecration only to further enslave us and destroy those that we love. On the other hand, Jehovah uses our consecration to empower us to attain our divine potential. The idols of addiction limit me, but the Atonement has the capacity to make me limitless.

While I will always be in recovery, and while I still have a long road to travel, I choose to worship the One True God instead of the false gods that only offer temporary relief from the discomforts of life. I choose the Balm of Gilead over the chains of Satan. I choose freedom over slavery. I choose hope instead of despair. I choose limitless potential as a Son of God instead of eternal defeat at the hands of the devil.

My Salvation comes from Him. And no one else.

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