Sunday, April 5, 2015


Oh Savior, Lord, please hear my prayer
From these the depths of dark despair. 
Oh cast on me thy loving light. 
Please hear me! Hear me this dark night. 

I know that thou didst bleed and die
To save, redeem, and justify. 
And also thou didst live again
To free from death all fallen men. 

Lord, now in my Gethsemane,
Thy light and love give unto me. 
Relieve me, Lord, from sin and gloom. 
Lord, save me from eternal doom. 

To thee oh God my life I'll give.  
For thee I'd die. For thee I'll live!
For thou didst live and die for me;
Thy servant I will ever be. 

And what may fault, oh Lord fulfill!
I'll do my part--I'll do thy will. 
May thy Eternal Atonement be
My source of strength and victory. 

I thank the Lord for this new day. 
With thee forever will I stay!
The night is o'er; I am at peace. 
May this sweet feeling never cease. 

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